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Looking to buy an Electric Bike

Looking to buy an Electric Bike?

Here’s what you need to know and what to look out for.

Electric Bikes have rapidly become the fastest growing industry around the world with many people and governments rapidly embracing them as a means to not only combat climate change, but to reduce congestion in traffic, improve health and most importantly to mitigate rising fuel costs that is becoming a burden due geopolitical issues in the world such as the Ukraine Russian conflict.

The global Electric Bike Sales is set to boom in 2024 with a projected growth from USD 49.1 billion in 2023 to USD 62.3 billion by 2028. In Europe, the current electric bike market is valued at USD 10.07 billion with an expected increase to USD 29.28 billion by 2029. In just the UK alone, Mintel report that British consumers will spend £1 billion this year and electric bikes accounting for a fifth of all purchases. It is clear that Electric Bikes are here to stay, and the revolution of electric commute is in an upward trajectory. If you are thinking about purchasing an electric bike and becoming part of the green commute revolution here are quick tips on what you need to look out for.

1. Startup costs

E-Bikes have become accessible with a plethora of companies and brands to choose from. Prices can start from a budget of under USD 500 all the way up to a USD 20,000. The higher echelon of those belonging to luxury brands such as Trek and Santa Cruz but you donnot need to break the bank to get the e-bike you have been looking for; Refer to point 6 for recommendations.

2. Types of electric bikes

There are many times of electric bikes in the market, ranging from standard commuter Bikes you see today but with a battery and motor, to foldable electric bikes, Mountain Electric Bikes, Fat Tyre Electric Bikes, light weight mini electric Bikes, and the trendy cargo electric Bikes.

What you need to look out for deciding the right one to you that fits your daily needs , I’e Buying a fat tyre e bike for someone living in a 10 story flat without access to street level garage is going to be a very troublesome task to take it up and down the stairs as Fat Tyre E-Bikes on average weight between 27kg all the way up to 38 KG. Another example could be buying a commuter bike with no suspension or puncture proof multi terrain tyres but having plans to use in mountainous and hilly terrain for leisure riding while you were better off opting for an MTB electric bike, and these are just the types of E-Bikes, there are many more factors such as battery type, motors type that also plays a factor in making sure you have chosen the right Electric Bike for yourself

3. Motors

There are two types of motors you will find on electric bikes, hub and mid motors. Hub motors are installed on the front or the rear wheel of e bikes (and usually it is the rear) while mid motors are installed in the mid of the ebike between the crank set. Hub motors are easier to install and maintain and it is also more affordable than mid-drive motors but with less power efficiency especially on inclines than mid motors. Mid-drive motors tend to have a longer range compared to hub motors because they use the bike’s gears to transfer power, resulting in more efficient use of energy. At the cost of being more expensive and require advanced maintenance. Both have their pros and cons, and it is important to understand what they are before making your decision on what type of e bike you want.

4. E-Bikes Law and regulations for EU and UK regions

It is important to note that all electric bikes or pedal assisted electric bikes are subject to two important regulations. One being that on public roads, only 250 Watt of max power output motors are allowed on electric bikes and the second being all electric Bikes are locked at a speed of 25km/h.  Using electric bikes that are beyond these specifications requires you to have a license and registration to be able to use them. Non-compliant users are subject to fines upto Euros 5000 or similar in UK, so it is important to follow these.

5. Government Schemes and Cycle Schemes

Due to many governments favoring and encouraging the use of electric Bikes, cycle schemes have been introduced allowing for businesses to offer their employees Bicycles thru a salary sacrifice scheme. These come with the advantages of not only tax savings as your company and cycle scheme partner precure the bike for you, but also to pay over a longer period of time usually upto 12 months installments or salary cuts to be able to afford an electric bike. This has allowed a great increase in electric bikes demand especially in regions like the United Kingdom.

6. Recommended Brands

If you are new to the electric cycling world, and want to get started and don’t know where to look, we highly suggest Trek, Decathlon, Hygge Bikes, Estarli, Ribble, Tenaways and Heybike as some of the leading electric bike brands accessible to most people in both the EU and UK regions.

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