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How do I choose my first electric bike

How do I choose my first electric bike?

Whether it’s not spending as much on gas, avoiding car traffic, taking care of the planet, or combining those factors, we’re seeing more and more people choosing to buy electric bike as their primary means of transportation. In such cases electric bikes are the best option as you don’t want to wear yourself out so much or arrive all sweaty to work.

If this attracts you too and you are looking to make the change, choosing an ebike that suits your needs is important because you must consider that you will spend a lot of time sitting there, going around the city or mountainous tracks.

But if you don’t know where to start or what you should consider then go through our blogging sections or go through the article, you will find tips shared by ebike experts for choosing your first bicycle.

Define your needs

First, you need to identify, why you need an electric bike.

If you want to use it for sports such as long road trips and competitions, then what you are looking for is a road bike with great power and battery capacity. Or maybe you’d prefer it to become your primary mode of transportation, so a Commuter e bike with a good average is best for you.


Hygge Bikes ebike

There is also folding electric bike, in case you are looking to combine them with other means of transportation and want to store them easily.

There are some ebikes with great brakes, in case you plan to pedal on slopes, dirt roads, or outdoor paths.

Check your budget

When you know what type of electric bicycle you will want, you should review the budget you have to buy electric bike and thus you can compare the different brands on the market.

Prices go up or down depending on the quality of the components, brands, and ranges. Prices also depend on the gear levers, brakes, power, battery capacity, bottom bracket, and rear derailleur.

Following are the Electric bike features you should consider while buying a new one.

1.    Geometry

Geometry determines the character of any bicycle. And bikes are no exception. For example, if we have a bike with very short chain stays, it will be more reactive and can turn more in closed areas. Longer pods can make it less reactive, but also more stable.

A very sharp steering angle will allow us to go faster in technical areas.

2.    Design and Painting

Both the general design of the frame and the material used are very important. An aluminum frame will always be a good bet. You will likely find ebikes with a great quality/price ratio at Hygge. Surely, a perfect option for those starting in our sport.

3.    Brakes

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert e-biker, you’re more than likely going to put more demands on your brakes than a regular bike when you will buy electric bike. Ultimately, and in general, it is likely that the safety that e-bikes provide on descents and the greater general weight of the set will mean that we will surely need more braking power.

Therefore, we will always cherish hydraulic brakes.

4.    Wheels and Tires

Good wheels are always important on any bike. They are because they determine the performance and also the price. In the case of e-bikes, good wheels, with a good degree of rigidity and resistance should be something to take into account.

On e-bikes, tires with a resistant casing are always something to value.

5.    Suspension systems

Suspension systems and kinematics have become key to the success and failure of many ebike models.

A good suspension system helps us descend better, safer, and faster. But it also improves our traction going up. And that applies to any bike: electric or not.

6.    Battery and Power

The most important factor to consider when you first buy electric bike or even replace the previous one is the battery range and power of an electric bike.

If your plan is to ride electric bicycles on long trips then battery of your bike should have a long life, because more battery capacity means more traveling without charging.

Now let’s talk about Power, your bike’s power should align with the usage such as if you are up for hiking in mountainous areas, and long traveling then you should get a bike with more power.

if your usage is around the town only or on flat tracks then the bike will have less power is also sufficient.

The battery and power of the E-bike are always linked, the more power your bike will drain from the motor the more battery will be used.

Types of Electric Bikes we offer.

Remember that different brands also have different bike ranges and Hygges recommends checking and exploring different types of e-bikes while you buy electric bike. Here, let’s have a little introduction to different types of Hygges ebikes.

Electric bikes are designed and manufactured while considering style, features, and affordability. These ebikes can be divided into five types starting from general Commuter e bike, Folding electric bike, All terrain Electric bike, Dual Deo Electric bike to Step-through electric bike.

No matter which type of bike you choose, they all come with a range of more than 60km, hydraulic disk brakes, and powerful batteries that support 250-watt motors. These bikes are Lightweight, with LCD lights. With a folding electric bike, you can carry them anywhere even in your car truck, while all terrains can support your traveling adventures. Commuter e bike can be your everyday ride by providing comfort and convenience.

Accessories and tools

You have already chosen your bike in your size and the style you were looking for; it is also time to choose some essential accessories and tools.

To start, you must get front and rear lights, a padlock to secure ebike, a saddlebag or backpack, fenders to avoid getting wet, and a basic tool kit for repairs such as punctures.

Now, with these tips, you have everything to buy electric bike and pedals around the world with style and comfort. To know about different types of ebikes in detail which or website or talk to our representatives.

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